Mitigating Risk from Rising Costs in the Circular Economy

The benefits of strategic partnerships in managed reverse logistics services

27th July 2022, 1pm PDT / 3pm CDT / 4pm EDT



Marcus Shen, CEO

During his time as COO of B-Stock, Mr. Shen has overseen strategy, product, engineering, business operations, and finance. He has been instrumental in B-Stock’s continued growth and
played a key role in recruiting top talent to the company. Prior to B-Stock, Shen was CFO and Head of Operations of Content Analytics, an e-commerce analytics solution for retailers and brands. And before that, he spent over five years at Yahoo!, where he was Vice President of Corporate Development with strategic and operational responsibility for the company’s acquisitions, investments and key partnerships. Shen brings over 20 years of experience in the internet and software industries, specializing in SaaS, e-commerce, and marketplaces.
He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA
from the Marshall School of Business at USC.

Sean Cleland, VP of Partnerships

Sean Cleland serves as B-Stock’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and oversees all business-to-business service relationships including establishing partnerships with top industry 3PLs and other high-profile technology-enabled vendors. In his role, Sean also provides executive guidance for strategies within the retail, consumer electronic, and mobile industries.

Sean is an industry leader and subject matter authority in every aspect of pre-owned and refurbished consumer electronics, mobile devices, and video games including retail operations, reverse logistics, refurbishment, and statistical modeling. Prior to joining B-Stock, Sean held various roles within GameStop and was responsible for all operations, pricing, marketing, and logistics related to the sale and trade of pre-owned smartphones, tablets, media players, and additional consumer electronics. Sean is a United States Air Force veteran and a proud TCU alumnus.


The harmful effects of product returns on businesses

a. In 2021 a record 16.6% of all merchandise sold was returned, up from 10.6% in

2020. The average rate of eCommerce returns 20.8%, up from 18%. Processing a

return can cost retailers up to 66% of an item’s original price. (NRF)

b. Inflation comes in part from a “huge number of returns that have to be sold at a

loss…detracting from the profitability that a company normally has and they have to

raise their prices” (Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director, RLA)

Liquidators and 3PL firms boom as businesses struggle to handle stock

a. American 3PL market gross revenues grew a whopping 50.3% in 2021 bringing the

total to 347.9 billion dollars (Armstrong & Associates)

b. The liquidation market has more than doubled since 2008 reaching a reaching a

whopping 644 billion dollars and 2020 (Colorado State University)

The inefficiency and unsustainability of product returns

US returns generate 16M metric tons of carbon emissions during their complicated

reverse journey and up to 5.8B pounds of landfill waste per year (Optoro)

The struggle for businesses to get goods and turn them over on time

a. Building up inventory has been key to meeting consumer demands from supply

chains a lot of companies are building up inventory ordering more than what they

need so they have inventory and stock to counter delays in the service (Retail Dive)

The shortcomings of traditional methods of inventory reduction
The benefits of a strategic partnership with a dedicated managed service

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Executive Virtual Boardroom

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27 July 2022, 1pm PDT / 3pm CDT / 4pm EDT


B-Stock is the world’s largest B2B auction marketplace, connecting sellers of surplus and returned merchandise with buyers of all sizes and from a variety of industries. Our partners range from the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers (to include 9 of the top 10 U.S. retailers) who seek best-in-class reverse logistics management to small business entrepreneurs wanting to buy merchandise from a reliable source to stock their retail establishments. We offer sellers a trusted alternative for liquidation that enhances operational efficiency, recovery rates and cycle times while providing buyers with direct access to valuable inventory for their businesses. We truly believe there is tremendous value and demand in the secondary market and continually strive to support and grow the community.




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