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78% of digital transformations fail – yours doesn’t have to

28 February 2023, 4:30PM EDT



Shalabh Moonat

Shalabh is a seasoned go-to-market leader with over 20 years experience in enterprise software. His focus is building high
performance teams and scaling businesses to deliver 100%+ annualized revenue growth and exceptional shareholder value. Recent successes at Appian and Unqork prove his expertise in low-code and no-code applications development and process automation. During his 7 year tenure at Appian, he was responsible for growing the business at nearly 100% CAGR and a successful IPO in 2017 valued at nearly $10B in 2021.
He holds responsibilities for business development, sales, customer success, partnerships, solutions consulting and field marketing, helping his customers with a broad range of solutions including BPM, Low-Code/No-Code, RPA, CRM, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Know Your Customer (KYC), Bank Compliance Solutions (AML, BSA), Loan Origination, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Problem Management, Call Center Solutions, Software Release Management, Customer Onboarding, Product Onboarding and Product Lifecycle Management.


Executive Digital Boardroom 


28th February 2023, 4:30PM EDT

EVENT HOST is the next generation platform building software for the non technical business user by letting them order software (not build it themselves) with set timelines and a guaranteed price.

It is now more-than-ever evident that we are living in a software-first world; every process within every business will soon be automated and decision makers within enterprises are spending more on transformative applications than ever before as the need to digitally transform is irresistible.

Hence building software needs to be a digital utility but, today, creating it requires too much time, effort and expert help; that is why over 78% of digital transformations fail with many going over budget or taking too long from idea to delivery.’s assembly line leverages the power of AI to take the complexity of building software away from the business user. It fuses together – Lego-like reusable features, AI & deep automation that vastly reduce human effort, and a verified network of experts that customize it for every customer – upto 6x faster, 70% cheaper & almost zero failure.

Our vision? Everyone should be able to think it, order it and deploy it, within a day.




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