What’s driving your data transformation?

15th January 2020, 6PM

Andaz Hotel | London, UK

Today’s Enterprises are fuelled by data.  The ability to convert data into competitive advantage will be the new battle ground for customer acquisition, retention and market share.

Over 80% of a businesses data sits in Enterprise Applications, this data drives business critical operations and also fuels new Application development which creates new digital experiences for customers. But many businesses struggle to move, manage and harness their data with the speed and efficiency needed to drive swift Application development.

Application development life cycles are often long and resource intensive. For example, in a large organisation it may take days or even weeks to provision new data environments, usually due to a number of factors:

– The data driving applications sits in many different places, on premise, in private / public cloud or hybrid cloud environments, often in a mix of relational or no SQL databases.
– Whilst the teams developing applications have adopted development practices to move faster, such as, Agile, DevOps and Automated testing, data delivery is still a manual process.
– The data feeding applications is subject to increasing regulation, such as GDPR, PCI and HIPPA, security concerns and audit requirements, all of which restrict or slow down data availability.

This confluence of forces means that data is now the slowest part of the Application development value chain. Development teams have a plethora of tools which let them spin new environments and deploy new code in minutes, but when it comes to data it can take days and weeks to gain access.

During this roundtable we will be addressing what it takes to become a data driven organisation, discussing the bottlenecks, organisational road blocks and exploring ways to shorten Applications development life cycles.


What are the major barriers to harnessing data? Organisational, technical, legacy IT infrastructure, data silos, data security, or maybe a skills shortage.
In your experience, what factors contribute the most to bottlenecks?
What are you doing to ensure that your organisation maximises the value of its data?
What are the data bottlenecks?
Improving operational efficiency for Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and regulatory compliance
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Gareth Whiting
Delphix Vice President, EMEA


Andaz Hotel – Set in a grand Victorian building on a road lined with bars and restaurants, this chic hotel dating from 1884 sits next to London Liverpool Street train station. It’s 4 miles from Buckingham Palace.

Address: 40 Liverpool St, London EC2M 7QN

Wednesday, 15th January 2020 | 6:00PM – 10:00PM


With decades of industry know-how, a long list of technology patents and awards, Delphix answers the data challenge for many of the world’s largest most sophisticated businesses – from Facebook to Walmart.



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