Accelerate your digital journey

using emerging technologies to support new business growth

17 July 2019, 18:00

Mandarin Oriental | Munich

Harnessing new technologies to drive new revenue opportunities is the challenge for many companies across the globe. At its core lies the value of new datasets that will potentially reshape the future of most businesses – including yours!

Everyone wants to increase the attraction of their digital products and services; data-driven solutions are essential in making that happen. To get there quickly you will need to precisely fit the right business challenge to the right solution; and you will need an approach that comfortably blends culture, process, tools and talent to give you the most innovative, iterative model of operating.

Ness believes companies must take an honest look at their digitization targets, partnerships and capability-building practices to scale up nascent digital initiatives quickly to deliver sustainable value.

We are extremely happy to have our special guest Craig Davis share his unique insights into highly disruptive tech start-ups in the mixed-mobility space. He brings compelling stories and personal experience from BMW, Tesla and the very future of the Electric Vehicle industry.

Please join Ness for an evening discussing many real-life use cases, which show how an open-mind approach to delivering agile innovation, continuous improvement and new business models is essential in securing the future of your company in the era of:

The AI-fuelled Smart Factory
Delivering a smart CX through extreme personalization
Opportunities offered by Mixed Mobility
The new life lived in the Intelligent City
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Craig Davis

Craig Davis is an experienced premium EV pioneer and EVangelist, Futurist, trainer, speaker, innovator, technology catalyst and brand builder.
With his company CleanGreenFast, he is supporting future proof mobility solutions to speed market entry and acceptance of clean electric movement for everyone: now on the Blockchain! He offers strategic, operative and network support to all those like-minded who mean to positively impact this world. Experienced with re-invigorating established corporations and driving highly disruptive tech start-ups, proving that future proofing mobility can be profitable, exciting and most rewarding.
He has been a driving force in the future of thought leading, meaningful brands since 1996 and an active innovator and serial brand creator behind disruptive brands like Tesla Motors, MINI, Fisker Automotive, Coca-Cola and eV Race Systems.


Ness Digital Engineering provides digital transformation and custom software product engineering services to help organisations envision, build, and continually evolve their digital platforms to enter new markets, capture new revenue and gain efficiencies. We’re already helping clients deliver IOTbased platforms, and can share our insights from this work.



Address: Neuturmstraße 1, 80331 München, Germany

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 18:00 – 22:00



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